So it came to our attention recently that Dolce & Gabbana’s Instagram had caused a furor. We were rather confused as D&G’s Insta is one of the best going for a fashion brand and in general nowadays! They are using their weight to do something truly inspiring. Travelling the world shooting their clothes and spreading images of positive smiles, and heaps of La Dolce Vita! Their use of real environments and the people that inhabit them are truly vital in this photoshop’ed and manufactured landscape. What was the cause of all the clamor you ask? Well they took this approach to Beijing and netizens in China went bananas over their choice of locations and people. D&G were criticized for showing the ‘ugly’ side of China. The only ugly side that came out of this was the ugly attitude that spilled all over the ‘net. For those that have never been to China. China looks like this. You will see these people, these places where ever you go. And look at these images! All subjects look happy to be in them! Genuine smiles and interaction all around! We were surprised to see that D&G still left the images on their Instagram as we had heard unsubstantiated information that they were forced to pull them from Weibo and Mainland social media accounts. Truly a sad day and a backwards step for China. If ya don’t want people to be shooting this then well don’t be having this. These are Chinese folk! No everyone ain’t a 10 and that’s alright! Get grown mofos! Salute to the Morelli Brothers who shot this set of images and Dolce & Gabbana for being a leader!











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  1. sharon chiu says:

    well said!

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