Really liked the set up of this event. Burberry took over the old Diesel store in Central and kept it raw. Raw as in the interior was gutted out to the concrete skeleton, and they decorated it with Alasdair McLellan’s photography and the new collection. The new collection was in E-F-F-E-C-T so everything was kosher. The crowd was young and snap happy. Only the grown heads drank and we drank like fish! Salute to the free flow. We definitely made sure it flowed free! Also dabbled in all the alchol offerings too…Strangely an IPA made an appearance in the midst of all the bubbles. Kinda confused about the photographs on offer. Some slice of life ish from landscapes to portraits of Merry England. I’m a fan of Alasdair but this stuff just felt like wall covering. Good to catch up with friends, enemies, and Burberry peeps alike!

Former Dunhill team still rolls togetha!

How to wear a Burberry trench.

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What I do remember about this event is it was an INSTAGRAM/social media heaven. Meaning everywhere you turned, the venue was made for maximum posting effect. Savvy. Oh, now memory returns. The first DJ was a popular fella but the second DJ was playin’ dem funk jams! Of course by that time most of the hip crowd had left. Shanghai party goers shut it down early. Correct me if I am wrong. The next level? They invited guests to be filmed like a live movie scene. Invited to do their own struts which were instantly broadcasted on a huge screen front and center at the venue. The set up came replete with a ‘director’ that yelled instructions at ya through a megaphone! Peoples were lined up for miles. Otherwise it was good to see some very important leaders of the golden era of the HK fashion industry. Keep that champagne comin!

Photos : Nick D for precursorprints.com

A fashionable set of fashion editors I must say. Michael Kors no wear to be seen!

Some tall Canadian cats.

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Photo by/ Getty Images
1_Swae Lee
Swae Lee/ 本身我就不喜歡那些logo經常性地出現。他好像那些「MK仔」。

2_Talia Storm
Talia Storm/ OMG!你對鞋我真的不能接受!而且國旗袋無論如何也不再好看了。

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又到一年一度MTV Europe Music Awards 的日子了。今年大家的衣著似乎都下了一翻功夫(比去年好太太太多了)! 一起來看看我有什麼精選吧:

Photo by/ Getty Images
1_Rita Ora
Rita Ora/ 她一身毛巾裝,無論如何已經成為全場焦點。而且這毛巾不是亂來的!配上鑽飾可是十分在趣的打扮。

2_Rita Ora
Lana Del Rey/ 雖然未到春天,但這套衣服充滿了回春的溫暖和活潑。
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We bring you the shopping district of Haven Street in Hong Kong and some of the personalities that inhabit it!

銅鑼灣,嘈到拆天的一個鬧市,居然從利園小巷一路向後行到盡頭有個「第三世界」。從馬路對面望去,小巷大廈,好不吸引。直入大廈地下復行數十步,便豁然開朗。在那個地方,有車房、高級餐廳、茶記、本地品牌、唐樓和豪宅… 那裡,沒有階級意識的界線。一個超現實的現實世界,就在銅鑼灣。和平、寧靜。

Special Thanks: LUDDITE, Still House, HOLA Classic, Wagamamaplayground, Roadmentic
Filming and Editing: Falcon Lam
Direction : Jose, Chu Choi Ying


攝影/Photos : Falcon Lam / Falcon Lam Photography
撰文/Article : Jose Chu

繼續第一部分的訪問 Interview continued from PT.1, July 14th, 2017 1:08PM>>

SPITGAN : 今次香港區既賽事你覺得香港既Dancer表現如何呢?
Travis Pang : 今次香港Final的香港Dancer表現都很好!其實香港有不少勁人隱藏系到。但我想建議香港的Dancer要多去Party!由其與世界各地不同地方的人jam下,我地叫Cipher,圍圈的練習,隨機出去跳舞!多去Party,比賽時就會更放!

S : 有無一隊香港的團隊你特別記得或者喜歡?
T : 有一隊有3個香港人,2個日本女仔的,都算香港隊吧哈哈!他們叫Ganbatte Ganbaru。因為他們的隊員的舞蹈種類很齊全,基本上我們有的style項目他們都有參加1 on 1 單人賽。他們的All Style是最齊整的,齊舞的部分也很深刻。雖然他們最後沒有勝出,但對我的印象卻很深。

S : 下一年再辦的時候你覺得有什麼要改善或者加大力度去做呢?
T : 第4屆最想改善就是場地控制、人流、入場管控,什至想再請更多有質素的嘉賓。其實每一年我們都有個目標比自己,不想翻炒評判!所以每年的評判都會是新鮮滾熱辣,年年不同!DJ方面我們都希望有更多新鮮感,可能換一換MC或者DJ!所以下一年最緊要個場地設定,遮陰遮太陽、避雨的地方都會加多點。什至我們希望舞台不止一個!讓Dancer上台比賽前可以有一個熱身的區域,當他們真正上台比賽時更加放膽更加投入!

SPITGAN : What did you feel about the Hong Kong dance performances in general?
Travis Pang : All Hong Kong dancers in the finals did a great job! I believe Hong Kong has many great dancers. Having said that, I do want to suggest to our Hong Kong dancers : join more parties, dance with people from everywhere! We call it a cipher (dancing in a circle), but go out dancing randomly! Play more, join more parties. It will help a dancer be more bold when they are in competitions and on stage!

S : Any Hong Kong team you really like or you feel has great potential?
T : I remember one team had three Hong Kong people and two Japanese girls. We can count it as Hong Kong team haha! They are called Ganbatte Ganbaru. They are still in my mind because their dance styles covered most of the categories of our games! I think they joined every dance style’s 1 on 1 battles. All their style performances were tight. Although they didn’t win, I still can remember them.

S : Anything you would like to improve or upgrade on the SDK ASIA 2018?
T : The fourth SDK, we will definitely want to improve the site control, and flow. Even invite more high quality guests. Every year we have a goal, we don’t want to having same judges. So you can see we having different judges everytime. The DJ too, we also want to have more of a novelty style, maybe we will change our MC and/or DJ. The most important part in the coming SDK must be the venue setting! We will add more places to cover people from the elements. Furthermore, we hope we can have another stage next time. It will help our dancers have a warm-up before they really go on stage and battle, this can help them more prepared and courageous!




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攝影/Photos : Falcon Lam / Falcon Lam Photography
撰文/Article : Jose Chu


A dancer friend told me about the SDK Asia 2017 street dance competition, describing it as the Olympic Games of street dance! With such a glowing endorsement, I contacted the organizers immediately to ask for an interview and the low-down. Saturday, one of the main days of the competition was completely rained out by tropical downpour until 4PM. The venue was hot and muggy, I could barely stand to move let alone dance in this type of weather. It’s pretty disgusting. Where is my beloved AC?! The partipants of the SDK competition are clearly not lazy like me. Our photographer, Falcon, tells me that with the on and off rain, another suspension was looming but the contestants seemed oblivious to the bad weather or just really didn’t give a F…carry on! Guys, girls and even kids were going at it with gusto, and zeal! We finally caught up with the games organizer, Travis, after the event and were able to ask him a few questions.

SPITGAN : 今年是第3年舉行Street Dance Kemp亞太區預選賽,你有什麼特別的感受或心情嗎?
Travis Pang: 我想最大感受在於今次在户外舉行,有太多不能控制的因素。例如三日的賽事都有落雨,當有太陽、好天的時間我們都會超感恩!當下雨的時候當然也很燥底!BUT SHOW MUST GO ON!今次特別感受到團隊精神的重要,台前幕後都風雨不改地工作、比賽、跳舞!實在系喜出望外,就算落雨都很開心!

SPITGAN : This is the third edition of SDK (Street Dance Kemp) Hong Kong’s section, how do you feel about this year’s event?
Travis Pang : I have very strong memories about the outdoor venue this year. There were a lot of factors beyond my control. All three days of the games were rainy. When our team saw the sun coming out, we were so grateful! But when the rain cames again we were so frustrated…BUT SHOW MUST GO ON! I felt the importance of team spirit, and their positive attitudes. Everyone kept going and did a good job in their position. That was a very pleasant surprise to me. The weather was terrible but I still felt a great sense of joy and accomplishment.

訪問在第二部分繼續 Interview continued in Part 2, July 25th, 2017, 1:08PM>>




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The Hong Kong Asian Film Festival is on right now with a pretty stellar film line up! Check out their website for the schedule : http://www.hkaff.asia/