Planet Asia by Derrick Bracks
Planet Asia wears : 外套和刺繡牛仔褲. Jacket & Embroidered Jeans : Burning Guitars, 上衣. T-Shirt : Pimp C, 運動鞋. Sneakers : Radii Footwear
Top Banner wears : Parasuco Jeans

攝影/Top Banner and Photo by : Derrick Bracks /
造型/Stylee : Landra Dulin, Oretta Corbelli (Top Banner)
化妝/Makeup Artist : Elena Bracks
訪問/Interview : Jordan C.

最近Boom Bap Movement已經擴展到2.0版本,而我們亦相對增加了許多與Hip Hop相關的話題。這個「遊戲」中的支柱- Planet Asia,讓整件事更加連結和興盛。從Durang Dynasty的合作、正進行的DirtyDiggs合作和即將進入Solo Adventure的The Golden Buddha,他一直保持穩定的產量。CHAIN!如果你未聽過他,那準備好迎接你將最喜愛的MC吧。我們將完成和Fresno的剪輯,在我們準備這麼多好東西的時候,先讓Planet Asia的top 5 Producers 安撫著你先吧!By Jordan C., Derrick Bracks 攝影。還有個”Fireworks “ 影片!BOOYAKA!Golden Buddha, in stores, Jan. 19, 2018.

You can see we been bulking up on Hip Hop content lately as the Boom Bap movement has legitimately hit version 2.0. One of the mainstays in the game to flourish and bridge the gap is that dude, Planet Asia. He’s been on a steady output of collabs and full on projects for a sec now, from Durag Dynasty, an on going catalogue with DirtyDiggs, to the soon-to-be solo adventure, The Golden Buddha. CHAIN! If you ain’t heard of him he’s probably your favorite MC’s fav, so do the math. We done just chopped it up to the fullest with Fresno’s finest and while we prep the goodness, here’s Planet Asia’s TOP 5 to hold you down by the homie, Jordan C. Photos by Derrick Bracks, and a video, “Fireworks”, included! BOOYAKA! Golden Buddha, in stores, Jan. 19, 2018.

PLANET ASIA的頭5位加洲唱片監製:

1. DJ Khalil
2. Madlib
3. Alchemist
4. DJ Fresh
5. DirtyDiggs

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