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也許你以為SPITGAN就只在香港吧!實際上我們的爪牙覆蓋了世界各地,包括加拿大的多倫多。作為一個Hip-Hop的行家,我們當然盡可能接觸所有在世界各地生產出來的優質音樂。所以當最後多倫多再次冒出頭來的時候,我們十分的興奮!這邊有幾個重要的名字讓多倫多的Hip-Hop再次走出這個城市,特別一個年輕的名字- Daniel Son取得了最大的迴響。他的聲音、韻律、節奏、甚至價值觀都讓我們會想到Hip-Hop那個黃金的90年代。DS是Crate Division的其中一員,一個橫貫大陸的團隊。除了Daniel Son以外,還有多倫多的製作人Vic Grimes、來自英國的主持及製作人PhybaOptikz及製作人Giallo Point。從這個陣容便可以看得出DS的創作並不缺乏可供選擇的節奏。
而今年稍早的時候,Daniel就將Giallo一個蠻受歡迎的項目Remo Gaggi合併,經過一些加加減減以後,變成了14首最頂級作品。Moonshine Mix便是這系列中一個連貫的第一集作品。這製作是由CDVZ的團隊Grimes和Phyba專門處理,他們帶來一種業餘條件之下的自製風格及精神。 唯一的合作嘉賓是多倫多的Raspy和Blizw,及他的Brother-in-bars Recognize Ali。不過,從第一首DS的Solo Shark Fishing都很明顯知道他不需要任何幫忙。從頭聽到尾可能會像醉酒一樣,每句句子都深深地吸引著你。

While SPITGAN may be Hong Kong based, you may not know we have roots in Toronto, Canada. And as Hip-Hop connoisseurs, we try to keep abreast of scenes around the world that produce quality music. So, when TO started bubbling again recently, you know we were excited. There is a couple key names making hardbody Hip-Hop out the city, but a young blood named Daniel Son has got the biggest buzz. His voice, flow, and even values are throwbacks to the Golden Age…and he knows it. He is part of Crate Division, a transcontinental crew that includes himself and producer Vic Grimes out of TO, and emcee/producer PhybaOptikz and producer Giallo Point from the UK. So, as should be obvious from that line-up, DS has got no shortage of beats to choose from.

Earlier this year he dropped a well-received project with Giallo titled Remo Gaggi, and after a couple dope loosies and features, he’s back with another 14-track banger. Moonshine Mix is the first instalment in a series, and is served up as one continuous mix. The production is handled exclusively by CDVZ cohorts Grimes and Phyba, and they bring them bathtub gin beats. The only guests here are DS’ hometown fam Raspy and Blizz, as well as his brother-in-bars Recognize Ali. However, from the first song, Shark Fishing, which is DS solo, it’s clear dun don’t need no assists. He’s killing ’em with every verse. A full listen of this project will likely leave you inebriated…so what are you waiting for.

Moonshine Mix tracklist:

01. Shark Fishing (prod. by PhybaOptikz)
02. Rumbar f/ Blizz & Raspy (prod. by PhybaOptikz)
03. Head Of State (prod. by Vic Grimes)
04. Let It Go (prod. by Vic Grimes)
05. Through The Glass f/ Recognize Ali (prod. by Vic Grimes)
06. Buakaw (prod. by PhybaOptikz)
07. Sliding Doors (prod. by PhybaOptikz)
08. Martin Grove f/ Raspy (prod. by Vic Grimes)
09. Penthouse Views (prod. by Vic Grimes)
10. Pete Sampras (prod. by Vic Grimes)
11. Isiah Thomas (prod. by Vic Grimes)
12. Chenin Blanc f/ Raspy (prod. by Vic Grimes)
13. Chopsticks f/ PhybaOptikz (prod. by PhybaOptikz)
14. Hors D’oeuvres (prod. by Vic Grimes)

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