對我來說,這個Knitwear Show可能是香港貿發局主辦的Centrestage中一顆秘密的寶石吧。由HKKIDS(毛織創新及設計協會)主辦的Knitwear Symphony 最近幾屆都在香港發掘了不少有趣的人才。今季他們繼續在這個強壯蓬勃的基礎上再進一步。但似乎今次是個較小型的表演?或者可能是因為後台比以前少了近一半吧!當我們繼續深入這個屬於本地設計的秘境,幾個系列倒是有些面熟,但依然存在不少驚喜。—第二部分繼續。

To me the secret gem of HKTDC CENTERSTAGE or it’s incarnation before, is the Knitwear show. Hosted by HKKIDS (Hong Kong Knitwear Innovation and Design Society), the last few editions have produced the most interesting talent in the Fragrant Harbour. This season also continued to build on this burgeoning tradition with another strong showing. It seemed to be a smaller show? Or perhaps the backstage was half it’s previous size giving off this impression? As we have reached deeper into the local design scene, a few collections we had seen before resurface here but there were still many surprises left! PT 2 to follow…

Photos : Nick D for


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相中的模特兒Cheuk Yee正穿著Windaus Wister的設計。/Model Cheuk Yee wears Windaus Wister in all photos.

攝影/Photos : Nick D for
翻譯/Translation – Essy Chiu
造型/Stylee : 2 Dirty Guys
髮型/Hair : Jose Chu,
化妝/Makeup : Tiffany Loo,
模特兒/Model : Cheuk Yee

Windaus Wister這個名字很特別。我們於去年的香港春夏時裝週遇上了這位年輕才俊,當時他坐在香港會議展覽中心一個比較隱蔽的角落,差點讓我們錯過碰上這位謙虛的年輕人的機會。他的攤位看起來有點凌亂,一半以上的產品都已賣出,穿上他的設計的人體模型與整個環境氛圍造成極大的對比。他並沒有嘗試冒充簡約派藝術風格,但整個視覺效果卻讓人感覺在觀看IDGAFery的某個展覽,是一個“毫不費功夫” 的佈置。他的設計不單只個性突出,主題亦相當鮮明,獨特同時予人不順著潮流而行的感覺。整體而言非常優秀!Windaus Wister 像是香港時裝週的一道清泉,令我們有「這個年輕人將會有一番作為」,而沒有空手而回的感覺。

<< 中文版本在英文下面。 >>

Windaus Wister it has a nice ring to it. We met the young squire tucked away in a blind spot of the cavernous Hong Kong Convention Center last spring at the HK Fashion Fair. We almost passed the unassuming dude by. His booth looked like it had been picked over and half the merchandise sold! A mannequin with one of his creative designs looked disembodied from the entire display completely. The whole visual gave off a sense you were staring at some kinda showcase of IDGAFery, opposed to come check my wares. It was quite the ‘no effort’ presentation. It made no attempt to masquerade as minimalism, it just was. It was enough though. The 5 or six garments, not total looks ya hear, where brilliant. Their personality stood out just hanging on racks! The ideas were sharp, unique and against trend. Windaus Wister saved that fashion week for us. Instead of walking out empty handed, we came away with as sense that damn, this kid could do it BIG.


SPITGAN – Who is Windaus Wister?
WINDAUS WISTER – Lol. Wind is my Chinese name. I wanted to have an English name so I would check the dictionary. In fact Windaus and Wister are two seperate names but when I mixed them together it looked like, sounded like, the IT brand Windows Vista! When I said the name it sounded quite interesting and then I put it together.

SG – Yeah. Its a very interesting name. It sounds like a name of magic.
WW – I met a German guy before and he asked me if I was German.

SG – What do you want Windaus?
WW – I want my lover, and my business.

SG – What do women want Windaus?
WW – All women want to have a rich husband. No need to work.

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