Well we’ve come to an end for Christopher Bailey’s tenure at Burberry. It was quite a roller coaster ride wasn’t it. To me he was much more consistent at hitting the mark than a Tomas Maier I felt. It’s too bad fashion cycles are digested so quickly and our memories are so short to remember this dude’s accomplishments. Quiet a few collections come to mind that I liked, though they now seem to blend into vague color puddles and of course a elongated silhouette repleat with the ubiquitous trench. Two things I didn’t like. The abandonment of the house check, which management somehow deemed overused. Bad move as the streets had always adopted that trademark house code and made it part of our own. Second, the flare pants for men. It was a Bailey quirk through and through, but I never felt it worked well. Anyways who am I to say, let’s celebrate his final collection where he finally embraced the voices on the streets and came with a collection very au courant. Yes, the Nova check is back, front and center. What I do dig more than it’s various interpretations and the trench variations offered are the multi-colored heavy knits. Total looks paraded down the runway look chunky and ready for the cold Northern winters to come! Salute Christopher Bailey!



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All photos including Top Banner by : Nick D for precursorprints.com

See PT. 1 HERE. < < English continues below after the Chinese >>

粉末代表了自由,某種形式的噴發,甚至可能是性高潮,以及那種驚人的感覺。 當慾望帶走我們時,感覺很好,對嗎? 在那些時刻,我們想要感慨一下。 粉末也是非常直觀的元素,在照明和皮膚上看起來很好,並且使皮膚變得“髒”,當我們屈服於我們的慾望時,特別是當它們超出規範時,我們常常感覺有點“髒” ,因為那是我們不應該想要的東西。

我們做了street casting。我們問了朋友,什至朋友的朋友成為我們的模特兒。有此模特兒的聯絡資料是由Labelhood提供的。我們希望有不同的人混合成為我們的模特兒,一個很巨大的圈子。我們十分滿意他們的表現,不止他們的表演、動作。我知道有些模特兒是很嚴格的。例如,有一個模特兒在排練是前分鐘就到達了。他做了很棒的工作,而且繼續觀察和適應。

我們喜歡在工作中有一定的脆弱性。這些東西不是排練得很好,但保持了一些興奮,並推動每個人都盡力而為。 它顯示了一個真正的原始性。 每個人都投入到表演中,我們有非常好的團隊合作。 非常感謝我們前任實習生Jenny,我們今次的助理導演,而且幫我們完成了所有的翻譯。

對於我們的品牌來說,展示我們作品的概念性表演更具有相關性,因為我們能夠展示系列的想法,並通過我們的表演來講述故事。 我們要講故事和敘述,因為它們是我們工作的重要組成部分。 受眾看到的是一個怎樣的故事。 我們希望每個人都帶上一個最適合他們的故事。

What did the powder represent?
The powder represented freedom, certain kind of eruption, maybe even orgasm, and the amazing feeling after that. When desires take us over, it feels good, right? In those moments we want to feast with the feeling. The powder is also very visual element, it looks good with the lighting and on the skin and makes skin “dirty”, like very often we feel a bit “dirty” when we give in to our desires, especially when they are out of norms, when they are something we are not supposed to want.

Where did you cast your models from? Were they provided by Labelhood in the end?
We did street casting. We asked friends, and friends of friends to model for us. Some of the model contacts were provided by Labelhood. We wanted to have a mixture of models, some with a performing background, which was a massive, massive plus. We are super happy with how all the models performed, not just modeled, performed. We know what we had our models do was quite demanding. For example, one of our models arrived just minutes before our first, and only rehearsal. He did amazing job and nailed it; adapted and observed. We like to have a certain fragileness in our work, something that is not too rehearsed, and polished. This keeps up the excitement, and pushes everyone to do their best. It shows a real rawness. Everyone threw themselves into the performance, we had very good team to work with. A massive thank you belongs to our amazing former intern, Zuoran Li (Jenny), who worked as an assistant director, and did all the translations, and everything with us.

Do you prefer more conceptual presentations vs traditional runway shows?
For our label, a conceptual way of showing our work is more relevant as we are able to showcase the idea of the collection and tell the story through our presentation. We want to tell stories and narratives, as they are an important part of our work. It’s up to the audience what kind of a story they see. We wish everyone to take with them a story, which suits them the best.

Stay tuned for our full interview with KA WA KEY coming soon!

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All photos including Top Banner by : Nick D for precursorprints.com

One of the best presentations we were able to catch at Labelhood Shanghai SS18 was put on by our friends Ka Wa Key. We asked Jarno, one half the dynamic duo to explain what we saw and photographed for you. Check it out. Part 1 of 2. < < English continued after Chinese >>

在上海SS18 時裝週,其中一個在Labelhood 最好的表演是我們的朋友 Ka Wa Key展示的。Jarno,其中一個設計師為我們解釋一下你將看到的照片!PART 1 & 2! Gogogo!

那個是啟發自皇家芭蕾舞團「變形記」的啟發。我們在Labelhood的表演中展示了一個變形,回應他隱藏的秘密、慾望和執著。 這是一個夢,有些浪漫,甚至關於性,但同時我們有點搞砸了。 這是我們想做的事,卻不一定有勇氣去完成。 表演是關於蜕變和變化。 我們之間所發生的事。 演出混合了動作表演和傳統時裝表演, 很大程度上依賴於服裝和模特的動靜。 我們還想在幕後發佈一些通常只在後台發生的事情,例如在觀眾面前換衣服。 在一天結束的時候,這個時裝表演會是很重要的一部分。

在表演中,有一個“男人”,他發現了他的夢想、想像力、頭腦或任何隱藏的慾望。 他一個接一個地揭示了他的慾望。 起初他有些害怕,但之後開始塑造他的慾望,試圖控制、甚至改變他們。 但他無法做到這一點,他的慾望就像現在一樣出現。最終將他們的圍巾和衣服脫掉,做真正的自己。 最後唯一一個保持不變的人是戴著圍巾的“男人”,他害怕向自己洩露自己的慾望。

“擺脫誘惑的唯一方法就是屈服。 抵制它,你的靈魂因為渴望自己所禁止的東西而生病,使渴望它的可怕變得怪異和非法。“ – Oscar Wilde

覆蓋模特兒的面孔,這是你最近的一個不停重複的做法。 它代表什麼?
是的,這是我們近期工作的一部分,也會繼續使用。 面具總是有些神秘的東西。 這也是我們SS18敘述的一部分,以及我們的Labelhood的表演。 在演出中,它只是隱藏角色的真實身份。 唯一沒有揭開他的臉和眼睛的角色就是“男人”。 他也是唯一一個保持不變的人。 最後他是唯一不符合標準的人,仍然留在自己的衣櫃裡。 正如我們所說,眼睛是靈魂之窗。 我們也想把注意力放在服裝和款式的表現和動作上,因為我們的表演主要是基於這樣的。

Can you tell us about the concept for your presentation at Labelhood?
Our presentation was inspired heavily by the Metamorphosis performed by the Royal Ballet. Our presentation at Labelhood showcased a twink’s transformation in response to his hidden secrets, desires and obsessions. It is a dream, something romantic, maybe even a bit sexual, but at the same time something a bit fucked up. It’s something of what we want to be but don’t necessarily have the courage to be. The presentation is about metamorphosis and change. What happens inside us. The presentation was a mixture of movement based performance, and traditional catwalk; heavily based on the movement of the garments and models. We also wanted to unveil something that usually happens behind the scenes, at the backstage, changing the clothes this time in front of the audience. At the end of the day it is such an important part of fashion shows.

In the presentation there is “a guy”, who discovers his hidden desires in his dream, imagination, mind or pretty much where ever. One by one he unveils his desires. At first he is a bit afraid, but eventually begins to mold them, his desires, trying to control, and even change them. He doesn’t manage to do so and his desires come out as they are, eventually removing their scarves and clothes, being exactly what they are. Eventually the only one who stays the same is “the guy”, wearing his scarf, being afraid to reveal his desires to himself.
“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself, with desire for what its monstrous laws have made monstrous and unlawful.” – Oscar Wilde.

The covering of the model’s faces, this is a repeat motif for you recently. What does it represent?
Yes, it’s been part of our work recently, something we like to use every now and then. There is always something mysterious about masks, people covering their faces. It’s also part of the narrative of our SS18 collection as well as our Labelhood presentation. In the presentation it represents simply hiding the character’s true identity. The only character who doesn’t unveil his face and eyes is the “guy”. He is also the only one who stays as he is. Eventually he is the only one who doesn’t fit the norm and still stays in his closet. As we say, eyes are the window to soul. We also wanted to draw the attention to the garments, the performance and movement of the garments and models, as our presentation was heavily based on such.


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Heavy on suspense with no explanation for any of the imagery, Stella McCartney men’s FW17 film starring Cillian Murphy and directed by Sean Ellis.


Always curious about KTZ though generally the seasons disappoint. There are always things I learn from them and this collection is no different. Love the headpieces attatched to a street-like version of some Thom Browne ish. Mad sick! Can I say again…DAMN! Those headpieces though! Also diggin some details on a black sweater and the pocket finishes on another runway look paired with shorts. Keep on. These masks though!

Banner Photo & Photo 2 : from Le 21eme
Photo 4 : High Snobiety


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Yo buddy give props where they are due man. The braids, the sag, military surplus looks? You listen to 90’s Hip Hop dude? That would be dope. At least I would give your taste some props. I hope you were pumpin’ that Boom Bap hard down the runway for the culture. Instead I see a cover story of a reference to the G suit. The 1940’s invention, a jumpsuit to help pilots fight the effects of gravity. Yeah word word. Respect the architects.

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I don’t think J.W. invested much time in his pants this season as he was consumed in customizing each knee-length tunic he walked down the runway. Sick patterns and designs, all types imaginable were available, the pants? Black. It’s all good though cuz dem tops are to be coveted. Keep on talented young man!



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Julien David merged his mens and womens shows into one uber show for SS17. It worked to great effect as you could see his overall house theme come to life on both men and women. It was creative in his textile and texture treatments and also retained a light summer vibe. An easily wearable collection that is versatile, eye catching without being too much. Well done.



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