Well we’ve come to an end for Christopher Bailey’s tenure at Burberry. It was quite a roller coaster ride wasn’t it. To me he was much more consistent at hitting the mark than a Tomas Maier I felt. It’s too bad fashion cycles are digested so quickly and our memories are so short to remember this dude’s accomplishments. Quiet a few collections come to mind that I liked, though they now seem to blend into vague color puddles and of course a elongated silhouette repleat with the ubiquitous trench. Two things I didn’t like. The abandonment of the house check, which management somehow deemed overused. Bad move as the streets had always adopted that trademark house code and made it part of our own. Second, the flare pants for men. It was a Bailey quirk through and through, but I never felt it worked well. Anyways who am I to say, let’s celebrate his final collection where he finally embraced the voices on the streets and came with a collection very au courant. Yes, the Nova check is back, front and center. What I do dig more than it’s various interpretations and the trench variations offered are the multi-colored heavy knits. Total looks paraded down the runway look chunky and ready for the cold Northern winters to come! Salute Christopher Bailey!



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