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NBA ROUNDUP. JAN. 23 – 28, 2017

1) Spurs Vs Cavs. What a game! LeBron and Kawhi went at it a good part of the 48. Kawhi with 41? Career high, and walks away with the Dub in Cleveland no less?


Other fun game within a game match ups included David Lee Vs Kevin Love. David Lee was like a precursor to Love’s game no? Eerily similar, prob more range for K Love.


The future looks bright at PG too for the Spurs. Rook, Dejounte Murray had himself a game of note. Lanky 6’5″ PG damn!


2) Tom Thibideau you gotta stop screaming my man. You ain’t gonna have a voice after this season. Scratch that. After the All -Star break. I’ve watched like 2, 3 games with the Wolves this year so far and you can hear Thibs barking the full 48 minutes OVER the broadcasters. Chill, we’d like you to be in the L a long ass time.


3) After lacing into Brook Lopez for low rebounding numbers, you know who else has never averaged a double double points/boards? Marc Gasol. Yeah that’s right. Surpise, surprise. A fav here at the ‘Gan. How is that possible. At least it’s somehow lost in the Grizzlies’ winning ways. He’s doing a pretty low 6.1 per game this season. Ugh.


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