攝影/Photos : Falcon Lam / Falcon Lam Photography
撰文/Article : Jose Chu


A dancer friend told me about the SDK Asia 2017 street dance competition, describing it as the Olympic Games of street dance! With such a glowing endorsement, I contacted the organizers immediately to ask for an interview and the low-down. Saturday, one of the main days of the competition was completely rained out by tropical downpour until 4PM. The venue was hot and muggy, I could barely stand to move let alone dance in this type of weather. It’s pretty disgusting. Where is my beloved AC?! The partipants of the SDK competition are clearly not lazy like me. Our photographer, Falcon, tells me that with the on and off rain, another suspension was looming but the contestants seemed oblivious to the bad weather or just really didn’t give a F…carry on! Guys, girls and even kids were going at it with gusto, and zeal! We finally caught up with the games organizer, Travis, after the event and were able to ask him a few questions.

SPITGAN : 今年是第3年舉行Street Dance Kemp亞太區預選賽,你有什麼特別的感受或心情嗎?
Travis Pang: 我想最大感受在於今次在户外舉行,有太多不能控制的因素。例如三日的賽事都有落雨,當有太陽、好天的時間我們都會超感恩!當下雨的時候當然也很燥底!BUT SHOW MUST GO ON!今次特別感受到團隊精神的重要,台前幕後都風雨不改地工作、比賽、跳舞!實在系喜出望外,就算落雨都很開心!

SPITGAN : This is the third edition of SDK (Street Dance Kemp) Hong Kong’s section, how do you feel about this year’s event?
Travis Pang : I have very strong memories about the outdoor venue this year. There were a lot of factors beyond my control. All three days of the games were rainy. When our team saw the sun coming out, we were so grateful! But when the rain cames again we were so frustrated…BUT SHOW MUST GO ON! I felt the importance of team spirit, and their positive attitudes. Everyone kept going and did a good job in their position. That was a very pleasant surprise to me. The weather was terrible but I still felt a great sense of joy and accomplishment.

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