上年一個頗寒冷的夜晚,我們參加了一個在上海的時尚派對,看看Ratpack的新系列。這是一個超奇怪的空間,有個浴缸、啤酒雪櫃、一缸的Party Juice…就似一個親密朋友間的聚會,很Chill的一種能量流動和穿過整個場地。當然Ratpack的新男女裝系列才是主角。從量身定制的產品到精緻的牛仔,他們的DNA一部分是那種Stree/運動衫的原素,另一部分是成衣。看來他們最忠誠的粉絲和主幹成員的生活樂趣頗健康的,什至有幾勺調刺。這絕對是個很棒的夜晚!什麼用了我們的編輯做model,what a good idea!

On a cold night last fall we went to join the fashionable set in Shanghai to check out Ratpack’s new collection. It was an intimate affair in a quirky space complete with tub, extensive beer fridge, and ominous pitcher o’ party juice! Really it was a gathering of intimate friends, and it had a real chill vibe and flow of peeps passing through and enjoying the company. The undertone of it all was of course Ratpack’s new collection of both men’s and women’s pieces. From tailored offerings to sheered denim’s, Ratpack’s DNA is part street/sportwear, part pret-a-porter. Clearly their ardent fans and core like a healthy dose of fun in their life and a few spoons of sarcasm to boot! It was a great night! Even roped a certain editor of ours to model. Good idea.

Top Banner and photos by : Nick D for Precursorprints.com

設計師和0反應的模特兒正在「溝通」。/Designers dealing with unresponsive models, chapter 7000.

時尚賓客們在公眾地方小便。/Stylish guests at the public urinal.

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