現實世界變得如此奇怪,那倒不如來點不現實的奇怪吧!不同膚色,髮色,髮型的大頭娃娃,配上不同顏色的唇膏。穿上了由MA-1 Bomber Jacket演變出來的各種產品,有上衣、外套或是長裙,有Plain的也有Patchwork pattern的。顏色上還是沿用MA-1的basic colour Olive,Navy和orange,簡單的搭上球鞋或是Dr.Martens。這個女生看起來很貼地,但目瞪口呆的表情又教人心寒。

The real world has become so weird, why not make some unrealistic, and strange things? This is a fantastical riff on the Skinhead uniform. MA-1 jackets, Dr. Martins, and jeans. The voluminous shapes is sooo Victor & Rolf. I like the interpretations in general here. The doll heads…sure why not…What was that Michael Fassbender movie? The street kind of aethetic grounds it for me and makes it all more digestible. This collection also blurs the line between Haute Couture and Pret-A-Porter, to me resting somewhere in the middle where most Victor & Rolf collections have.

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毒品/PRE FALL 2015 T-Z


So our ambitious asses is back! Bigger and better as they say with each coming season. So we gonna go through the alphabet again, running through the who’s who of fashion and shouting out those that be doing it for us for the tweener seasons. Pre Fall 2015 is up and its in its teenage stages, growing into its own season. Strap up. Of course most of this is sourced from the main 3 fashion weeks of NYC, Milan, Paris with a sprinkle of London. If you have brands for us to comment on from anywhere else and we know we missing a lot of you, send us your info to!


Thakoon Addition Pre Fall 2015


The Row Pre Fall 2015


Todd Lynn Pre Fall 2015


Tsumori Chisato Pre Fall 2015

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