Yes, the big news was again Trump this week and again it involved great disappointment. Trump officially pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries not to commit. For the biggest player in geo-politics to back out of this treaty, the action could have easily triggered a domino effect for a mass exodus. It has been re-assuring to see that the remaining majority of nations has stayed the course.

Yes, this has presented a vacuum in global leadership, and it looks like many have been willing to take on the mantle, and the challenge it presents. The EU is ardent to see it work, and hey China! Opportunity strikes eh? Why not be a leader, spearheading this cause? We all know you got ambitions on number 1, running you on a collision course with Amurica for power and influence. Well here’s an opportunity to exert it!

It is also great to see that people power has also taken matters into it’s own hands. 7 states in the U.S. have officially moved to honor the Agreement’s goals: California, Washington, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island as of now. Also, a surprisingly large number of the most powerful corporations in the world lobbied the president to hold course including: 3M, Bank of America, Campbell Soup, Cargill, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, Corning, Dow Chemical, DuPont, General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Pacific Gas and Electric, Procter & Gamble, Tesla, Virgin Group and the Walt Disney Company*. Whether for the genuine interest of climate protection or the business opportunities this movement represents who cares? Their weight lends a great leverage to the cause.

Amidst the confusion, and anger this has caused it has been re-assuring to see that cooler heads have prevailed to overcome a greater goal. It is re-assuring to see that most of the world’s nations can reach consensus, and put aside differences in this cause. Perhaps socialism is not dead after all. We can unify. As I see our world splinter into smaller and smaller tribes, and groups, it really is the cult of self that has become number one in our culture. I am glad we still have an over riding sense of commitment to society, even as there are more opportunities to isolate ourselves. This action, it bodes well. To new leaders, let’s get it!

A small suggestion from SPITGAN. Incentives to reach these goals ahead of schedule could be offered no? Seems a lot of technology is in place to reach this swiftly and proactively instead of taking the slow lane.


* paraphrased from Forbes

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  1. sharon chiu says:

    dumb Trump, the most retard in the world!

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